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32 People Dead due to Earthquake in Mexico City



32 People Dead due to Earthquake in Mexico


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

Mexico City has endured an 8.1 earthquake, and smaller scale Tsunami which disrupted areas; such as, Chiapas, and Oaxaca yesterday.   There is evident damage within the infrastructure, and roads.  Many residents in Mexico were panic stricken, and ran out of their homes, as helicopters hovered over.  Unfortunately, 32 people have been killed due to this massive earthquake.  MSN reports that this has been “one of the largest” earthquakes in Mexico.   The tremors were immensely severe to the point where Guatemalans were able to feel the vibrations of the earthquake’s intensity.  Thus, the “epicenter” of the earthquake stemmed from the Pacific Ocean.  However, Hawaii has not been affected by any tsunami warnings; only areas within Mexico, such as, Chiapas.  The Philippines are on “alert, but no evacuation,” as of yet.  Mexico’s military is actively assisting people in the aftermath of the quake’s calamity.


Source: MSN

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