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Trump’s Economy: Optimism Soaring Above Obama-Era Levels


National optimism in the economy higher than at any time during the Obama Administration.

Despite being decried by the MSM, Trump’s policies are making significant change for the positive.

The last time that the national optimism in the economy was this high, it was before the financial collapse at the end of the Bush Administration. In a national survey done by CNBC, 51% of respondents rated the economy as good or excellent. The poll was even conducted by a Democratic pollster, only increasing the validity of the polls results in favor of President Trump. These are numbers that President Obama never had during his time in office. Additionally, 41% of those polled believe that the economy will be even better in 2018.

From CNBC:

Economy’s rise pushing up Trump’s poll numbers.

Up, up, up. That’s the direction that President Trump’s poll numbers have been going of late. The move is a direct result of the effect the Trump Administration is having on the U.S. economy. Trump’s approval rating is in the mid-to-low 40’s depending on the poll, but is on an upward trend. The amazing thing is that this rise is occurring in the face of the Russian “witch hunt” carried out by Mueller. It’s frightening to the leftists that there is nothing they can do to hold the President down. They have missed one integral thing: when Trump makes America great again, no amount of their lies or deceit will be able to bring him down.

Trump’s tax plan will only further the rise in both the economy and his poll numbers.

When Congress finishes up with the tax plan and President Trump puts his signature on it, the financial boon that it will create is hard to predict. It will be one of the greatest financial revivals in American history. The American engine (small business) is unstoppable, but has been stifled over the last decade. President Trump is trying to revitalize that engine like never before. Innovation, growth, and economic stability are only a few of the benefits from this tax bill.

The American people finally have a President that is looking to further their interests and needs. I have no doubt that the President’s numbers will continue to balloon despite the Democrats work against him. Trump won’t stop until he brings America fully back from the brink. He is on a mission: to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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  1. Robert Berger

    December 18, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    This is ridiculous ! The good economy America is now enjoying is because of the Obama administration, not Trump ! Trump is only going to undo all the enormous progress America has made under Obama. He will ruin the economy, deprive millions of Americans of health care , food stamps, and destroy medicare, social security and the environment, among other things . Wake up ! Trump is a con man and a total fraud . He is also the moist corrupt and incompetent president in US history . None of the previous presidents comes even remotely close to this . He should never even have been allowed to run for the presidency in the first place , and is no more qualified to be president than a severely retarded person is qualified to teach nuclear physics at Harvard or MIT !
    He and his entire rotten “administration must be removed from office immediately and put where they belong – in prison . If not, they will create catastrophic conditions in America which will make our current problems look like a picnic !

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