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Roger Stone: Too ‘Dangerous’ for Public Consumption


House Intelligence Committee: Get me Roger Stone!

We just can’t let him speak in public.

Longtime Trump confidant and political mastermind, Roger Stone, goes before the House Intelligence Committee today. Stone is coming to the hill to defend himself against the attacks of the Democrat Congressmen on the committee. Adam Schiff and his compatriots have sullied the ‘agent provocateur’ with fallacious claims that he had foreknowledge of the Podesta emails. Additionally, they have made the claim that Mr. Stone was working with Assange and Wikileaks to release information on the DNC. All of the above are false and Roger Stone is going to testify to that point before the committee today.

However, he won’t get to do so in a public forum. The Congressmen have attacked Stone publicly, but they are not granting him the courtesy of defending himself publicly. Instead, the testimony from Roger Stone is being held behind closed doors before the committee. The transcript will undoubtedly be leaked. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Democrats are too afraid of Stone to give him a pedestal to destroy them from. Roger Stone deserves the opportunity to defend himself in a public forum in regards to the Russian collusion investigation.

The Democrats fear real opposition.

Giving Roger his due time for rebuttal is important, but that’s not the real reason that his testimony today is private. The Democrats fear real opposition. The majority of individuals that are brought before Congressional committees are either too scared to go on the offensive or are too bought and paid for to bite the hand that feeds them. The Democrats and the Deep State know that Roger Stone is neither of the above. He will attack their fallacies, pick apart their narrative, and leave them stunned. There are few political minds capable of this feat, but Roger Stone is that mind.

The Democrats and the Deep State cannot allow that to happen. They know that Stone will break them and their Russian collusion non-story. He’s been doing it in print and on social media for some time now. That is why they must keep him behind the curtain. The general public can never know what this man has to say. Yes, the transcript will be available, but not having the video soundbites blasting all over the airwaves is a win for them. The effects of Stone’s testimony pumping into every household in America would be the death blow to this progressive, Deep State agenda.

Take it to ’em, Roger. You’re an American patriot.

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  1. The Pres

    September 26, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Some people love him, some people hate him. One thing’s for sure.. He’s leaving a mark people will remember

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