WATCH: AG Sessions Confirms the End of DACA


AG Jeff Sessions confirms the end of DACA.

Solidifies rumors coming out of the White House over the weekend.

Watch the DACA press conference via Right Side Broadcasting Network:

Sessions: Obama’s Exectutive Order was unconstitutional.

The DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program is in place due to an Obama era executive order from 2012. The order was in response to the Congress’ unwillingness to act in a way that the President preferred. Instead of allowing the system of law to work as the founders intended, Obama worked outside of that format.

President Trump decided to end the program which allows minors who were brought to the United States illegally to stay in the country indefinitely. This move is a return to ‘law and order’ that President Trump promised during the campaign. I wrote extensively on this topic on Friday in my article titled: Dreamers, Your Parent’s Decision is not America’s Problem. Almost all of the push back from the Left has included emotional responses. Getting rid of DACA is the right choice for America, despite the emotions of the Left. President Trump is keeping another promise.

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