WOW: Man Gives Up Last Generator To Woman Who Was Too Late


WOW: Man Gives Up Last Generator To Woman Who Was Too Late

When Someone Tells You There Is No Hope In Humanity, Show Them This Article!

Natural Disasters are no joke. They can completely take away someones lively hood in one night.

This man didn’t have to do this. This is who we are folks, not what the mainstream media tells you. This man gave up the generator that he was going to use for his family to help another family. This is AMERICA! This is what we’re about. The media will tell you that America is nothing more than a bunch of racists who need to hate each other, and riot in the streets. Don’t allow the media fool you.


Like many Floridians racing to buy food and supplies before the arrival of Hurricane Irma, Pam Brekke found herself miles from home today, desperately hoping to score a generator.

According to ABC affiliate WFTV-TV, Brekke, a Sanford, Florida, resident, had spent days waiting for empty shelves to be restocked and searching for a generator.

She said today that she’d traveled more than 30 miles to Orlando to a Lowe’s Home Improvement store that had received a surprise shipment of a little more than 200 generators.

Within two hours, however, the generators were sold out and Brekke, who had been next in line, was empty-handed.

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A heartbroken Brekke then began to cry. Ramon Santiago, who had gotten one of the generators but had not purchased it yet, noticed and insisted that she take his.

“She needs the generator,” Santiago told WFTV-TV. “It’s OK.”

Brekke shared with Santiago that it was her ailing father who needed the generator to power his oxygen supply.

“I’m worried about this storm,” Brekke told WFTV-TV.

After giving him a hug, Brekke said she was overwhelmed by Santiago’s generosity.

“That gentleman was a great gentleman right there,” she said. “God will bless that man.”



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