The LGBT Movement: Noninclusive, And Full Of Bigots.


The LGBT Movement: Noninclusive, And Full Of Bigots.

It’s not JUST the LGBT members, but their Allies who claim they support LOVE, and full INCLUSION.

Let me ask the same question that millions of heterosexuals ask every day. “Why does the LGBT Community promote inclusion, but excludes anyone that thinks differently than them?” It’s a question that’s been asked for many years. I have the answer for you. The Gay Gestapo, for many years, have tried to become relevant by DEMANDING everyone conform to their beliefs.

Gay Pride

The Gay Gestapo, for many years, have tried to become relevant by DEMANDING everyone conform to their beliefs. Instead of trying to be normal human beings, and have a civilized debate, they’ve resorted to name-calling and throwing tantrums.

Gay Marriage is legal, Gay’s can adopt, hell the fiance and I have thought about adopting, but I’m not about that life. I enjoy being privileged not to mention a dad-bod wouldn’t look good on me. What more do they want? Total domination. That’s what. They want everyone to recognize who they sleep with.

I assume the conversation would go something like this.

“Hey Gay Lucas, How are you and Gay Brandon?”

Crazy? I’ve seen crazier. This is just like Black Lives Matter wanting their color to be recognized everywhere. Could you imagine walking up to someone, and saying “Hey Black Chris” If you did that then you would be racist? I don’t get it. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

Let’s start with Seattle Pride.

Typical rainbow fairy fest with half naked out of shape queens, but one Tranny decided IT wasn’t going to listen to ANYTHONE with a different opinion. Instead, IT decided to use a megaphone to drown out anyone else’s viewpoints.  What a Bigot.



[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeEpCcnXF1U]When I saw this it didn’t surprise me one bit. The LGBTLMFAO community can’t handle the truth. Never have, and never will. Hell, they still refuse to call what happened in Orlando Islamic Terror even though the shooter SAID he was going to kill in the name of ALLAH. To the gay community 2+2 =6. This isn’t something that happened over night. It’s been going on for many years. I could literally write a new article everyday hour on the intolerant gay left. Gays have always made ignorant comments about Republicans, just as Republicans have always made ignorant comments about Gays, but the fact is this…. Today’s Republican party is more gay-friendly than ever before, and PRESIDENT TRUMP is the first PRO LGBT REPUBLICAN POTUS. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSVLpzGseXw]

But the LGBT Left likes to look over Trumps Pro-Gay Stance. Not only do Gays support Democrats, but they also support themselves being thrown off the top of buildings by Muslims. You think that’s a false accusation? Then why do they keep voting for Democrats who openly support Sharia? Yeah.

Remember the 60 minutes interview when Trump said Gay Marriage is “Here to stay” Yeah, I bet they “Forgot” about that.

What makes me laugh is the Republican party could come out tomorrow, and fully support all things LGBT, and even march in the parades ( God I hope not, They wouldn’t be right after they left)  and the left would STILL call them Homophobes, and bigots.

Why won’t liberals call the Democratic party out for their brutal history of Civil Rights? Wasn’t it the Democratic Party that created the Klu Klux Klan? Yes, it was. Wasn’t it the Democratic party that helped start the Civil War? Yes, it was. Why so silent?

I was checking out twitter a few days ago and came across this snowflake that felt it was his duty to say that anyone that supports Trump isn’t an LGBTQ+ ally. I thought to myself, now how tolerant is he? So I called him out on it and sent him some good information on. Guess what?


He AUTOMATICALLY accused me of “Attacking” him. He IMMEDIATELY called for my account to be terminated.

Bransen claims I “Literally Attacked” him. Although he would like it, I wouldn’t touch you and risk catching the dumbass. Funny how he called for my twitter to be deleted? For what? Because I proved you’re a complete snowflake bitch boy that can’t handle the truth? Correct. Liberals HATE being called out on their bullshit. You KNOW you’ve won when they call for your head. Poor little Bransen.

In walks Twitter user Hannah Fay

This little cupcake decided she was going to prove my point on how the  LGBT community has never been about inclusion, but exclusion.

 She then blocked me because she KNEW I was right when I called her out on it. Funny. 

When they block you,  you’ve won.


Ill finish with this. The LGBTQROFLLMAOLOL community has never, and will never be accepting of anyone else. They’re the New Nazis. They represent fascism. There isn’t room for people like me according to them. Anyone that thinks logically, and tries to show them something different isn’t allowed. It’s a crying shame. Harvey Milk gave his life for the LGBT cause, and only to have his legacy smashed by the Gay Gestapo. Milk envisioned equality for ALL, and inclusion of all. What the LGBT community represents today is far from it, and is the exact opposite. God bless Harvey Milk for his accomplishments. Shame on you Nazis who’s destroyed his legacy.

Note: As I said before. There are thousands of incidents every year of this kind of crap. There is no real such thing as equality. The left will fight anyone that doesn’t believe EXACTLY how they do.

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