Pride Festivals: The Celebration of Trash.


Pride Festivals: The Celebration of Trash.

Harvey Milk is rolling around in his grave!

I’m going to make this article short, and sweet. There is no such thing as pride. The only thing these people are proud of are celebrating who they sleep with at the end of the night. There isn’t anything special. Gays USE to march for something. Now? They just get half naked and flaunt their faggot selves in front of everyone.  As an ashamed member of the LGBT community, I will say this. SHAME ON YOU. You’ve turned pride into a total freak show. Do you not think so? If you disagree with me then you’re part of the problem.


This is what Pride Parades USE to look like. Harmless. No littering, or naked people walking around, and flaunting their sex lives.

Fast forward to today!




So let me finish! 


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