New Bruce Lee Movie Receives Backlash from the Asian Community



New Bruce Lee Movie Receives Backlash from Asian Community


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

A most recent movie, “Birth of the Dragon,” which was screened at the 2016, Toronto Film Festival this past year incorporates a character depicting the legendary Bruce Lee. The actor who plays Bruce Lee is Philip Ng, who also grew up in Hong Kong, and gravitated to Wing Chun style of martial arts. The actor strikes a similar resemblance, but not identical to the late Bruce Lee. However, Phillip Ng’s physical aspects, voice, demeanor and martial arts ability is quite impressive.

According to the director, George Nolfi, this film is not a biopic, so the scenes in the movie don’t only focus on Bruce Lee’s life, but places him, as a supporting character in the film. As a result, this caused major controversy because according to critics, they didn’t favor the main Cauacasian character, as the lead role. The Asian community didn’t receive the movie with welcome arms, so to speak. The makers of the film did not seek insight, or approval from Bruce Lee’s family. Therefore, Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter stated that she disliked the film, and expressed that there was inaccurate details representing her father in the film.

The first movie trailer only showed glimpses within the portrayal of Bruce Lee, before his prime, and it’s central character is a Caucasian man who becomes eager to embark within the martial arts realm, and acts as the narrator of the film. The modified version of the trailer seems a bit more centralized on Bruce Lee’s struggle with his own, Asian community oppressing his ability to teach students from diverse cultural backgrounds. The scenes in the most recent trailer also include “epic” fighting scenes between the incomparable, Bruce Lee, and Wong Jack Man’s character portrayal.  The second trailer is deemed more of a better representation of what the movie consists of, according to Nextshark.com.

If you truly want to watch a biopic of the iconic, Bruce Lee. I recommend “Dragon,” a Bruce Lee Story. This is an older movie, but did have Bruce Lee’s wife, Linda, as a major advocate for the film. Actor Jason Lee’s portrayal of Bruce Lee is impeccable, and memorable. There’s another opportunity for a great Bruce Lee biopic in the works.  According to Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon, she is working towards working in creating a film about her legendary father.


Source: Nextshark.com


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