Gender Dysphoria: Trans Boy Transitions To Girl, Then Back To Boy


Gender Dysphoria: Trans Boy Transitions To Girl, Then Back To Boy [VIDEO]

You Guys KNOW I’ve got an opinion on this one!


So, I’m reading this FUCKED UP story on how this little boy/girl thought he/she wanted to become the opposite sex by transitioning. Apparently, he/she watched too many episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  I’ve said it many times before. Transgenderism IS, and will always be A MENTAL DISORDER, and I do NOT deny that homosexuality is just that.

Children already have enough going on in their lives. Their hormones are going crazy, and I feel they really don’t know what they do and don’t want. How in the hell does a 12-year-old know they want to go from Male to Female, or Female to Male.

This kid proves to me that Transgenderism is a mental disorder, and they don’t really know what they want. This kid went from a boy to a girl, and then back from a girl to a boy.

You Be The Judge!



The Daily Caller:

A 12-year-old Australian transgender boy, who transitioned into a girl two years ago, is featured in an upcoming episode of Australian “60 Minutes” – where he reveals that he no longer wants to be a girl.

After doctors diagnosed Patrick Mitchell with gender dysphoria he begged his mother to let him take female replacement hormones, The Independent reported.

Gender dysphoria is considered by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to be a “mental disorder,” while the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes it as a “mental illness.”

“You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say I’d kill to be like that,” Mitchell says in the interview.

Mitchell received support from his mother to begin transitioning, and after taking hormones, he began to grow breasts.

“In the beginning of 2017, teachers at school began to refer to him as a girl which triggered Mitchell to question if he had made the right decision,” the independent added.

After reflecting on the decision to become a girl, Mitchell decided that he no longer wanted to be a girl.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell has stopped taking female hormones as he attempts to go back to being a boy and is expected to have surgery to remove the breasts he grew during his time as a girl.


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