FLASHBACK: Matt Lauer Grills Bill O’Reilly Over Sexual Harassment Allegations


In today’s shocking sexual assault/misconduct news, Matt Lauer, host of the ‘Today’ show was fired.

The firing was over “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” but not too long ago Lauer grilled Bill O’Reilly for allegations of similar nature.

In what seems to be a daily (sometimes hourly) occurrence, another public figure has lost his job over sexual misconduct. The latest shoe to drop was on ‘Today’ host, Matt Lauer. NBC made the decision to let Lauer go in less than 24 hours after the complaint was received. No details have yet emerged as to the extent of the allegations against the former host, but for NBC to make such a quick and decisive decision, one can assume it is fairly serious.

What is additionally disturbing is Matt Lauer’s past interviews with those accused of sexual harassment or assault. Just a little over two months ago, on September 19, 2017, Lauer interviewed Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News host. O’Reilly was let go by Fox News due to allegations made against him by other employees of the network. Nothing more than allegations have ever been presented in this situation with O’Reilly, but Fox News felt it was in their best interest to let the long time host go.

Interestingly enough, Lauer grills O’Reilly in the most sanctimonious and ‘holier than thou’ way possible. During the interview (at 2:00), he even says one of the most interesting phrases that now take a different light with today’s revelations:

“But you don’t let your number one guy go unless you have information that you think makes him… [guilty]”

What goes around comes around, Matt.

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