Democrats Enable Islamic terror!


Today there was an Islamic terror attack in my own hometown of New York City, with the result of 6 dead many wounded. The terrorist used a truck then gunshots and was apprehended by New York’s finest moments later. The terrorist used those infamous words of terror, “allah akbar” but as liberals would say nothing to do with Islam right, WRONG. It has everything to do with Islam.

I am sick and tired of the false narrative from liberals when it comes to Islam. There is no such thing as “Lone Wolves.” Most of these terrorists belong to a Mosque or are incited by sites on the internet. Islam is an ideology of war. Incitement is a tool used by Islamist to carry out their jihad on the West. In speaking of false narratives and hypocrisy, why is it that Democrats have no problem condemning white supremacist, wanting gun control, but when it comes to Islamic terror, they are silent and all of a sudden, identity politics are out the window? The left wants to politicize tragedies fine, then call it for what it is, when terror is struck by an Islamist, condemn Islamic terrorism.

Now, this is the exact reason why a travel ban must be implemented. As reports came in we found out the terrorist was from Uzbekistan, even though technically this country was not on the list, it is still a point why we should have the ban, and Uzbekistan should now be on that list. I partially blame the judges who have blocked the ban as well as Mayor DiBlasio for his lax law enforcement policies. I believe that SCOTUS should do something about these judges or the American people should file a lawsuit for the judges who enable terrorism for not allowing security measures to take place. I may be living in Israel at the moment but I am born and was raised in New York City, with family and friends who I care about and I want action to be done so terrorism doesn’t have to be a way of life because it doesn’t. Look at Israel, terrorism is thwarted every single day. Let’s make an example of these judges so we can make America safe again.

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  1. Agnew E Dellinger

    November 6, 2017 at 5:02 am


  2. Eric

    November 7, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    I agree and i will add this, the president shiukd ignore the judges ruling fegarding the travel ban. Trump is not the first president to institute travel bans. A judges obligation is to judge whether a polucy and or law is costitutional not create or make policy. Trump has under our constitution the obligation to inforce and make policy when it comes to immigration.

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