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So What Does the Sebastian Gorka Story Really Tell Us?


Did Sebastian Gorka resign or was he fired?

The debate sparked last night during news that the former Deputy Assistant to President Trump was leaving his post.

As with any decision within the White House, the details are vague. The firestorm surrounding the Sebastian Gorka story, however, has blazed for several hours now. A letter from Gorka detailing his resignation was released to multiple news venues. Likewise, multiple news venues are saying that Gorka was fired per their sources in the White House. What is the truth? Do we even have the real truth yet? The reality is, it really doesn’t matter why. Here are some of the different takes from Twitter.

Tweets from the Gorka resigned camp:

Tweets from the Gorka was fired camp:

So what does the Gorka story really tell us?

Confusion on the true backroom story prevails but here’s what we do know: Gorka no longer works for President Trump in an ‘official’ capacity. However, the ‘resigned vs. fired’ narrative really doesn’t matter. There are things happening behind the scenes that we aren’t privy to, but I find it very hard to believe that President Trump had grown tired of Gorka or vice versa. Bannon left similarly and we have heard nothing but positive words from both Bannon and President Trump for each other.

It’s no secret that Bannon/Gorka are no friends to Kelly/McMaster. They are like fire and ice. President Trump feels that it is necessary to have Kelly/McMaster involved in the White House right now. I believe that this is only due to the media and Democrat outrage. He keeps people they can tolerate involved to lessen the blows. Bannon/Gorka are not anything like Kelly/McMaster. They are geniuses of conservative policy and defeating the left. The stigma of the White House was stifling their ability to destroy the Democrat narrative.

Part of me thinks that their being free of the White House will be a net positive. I pray that this is effectively the equivalent of President Trump letting the dogs off the (White House) chain. Now Bannon and Gorka are free to fight the left. They can take the gloves off. Sebastian Gorka’s tweet this morning hints at that very scenario. Sebastian Gorka is a patriot. He will never stop fighting to make America great again.

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