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Trump’s Poll Numbers Show that Despite the Media, He’s Winning.


President Trump has been maligned and attacked by the media more than any Commander-in-Chief before him.

However, his poll numbers are right in line with his predecessor, Barack Obama, at the end of his first year in office, both at 46%.

Despite what the media tells you, President Trump isn’t the most unpopular President of all time. In reality, his poll numbers are up to fairly normal levels with his predecessors. President Trump has a 46% approval rating. At the same time in his presidency, Barack Obama had, you guessed it, a 46% approval rating. I know what you’re thinking. “But Brad, isn’t it bad that President Trump is polling no better than Barack Obama?” Well there are a few reasons to believe that this is actually a very great number for President Trump.

1. President Obama was widely popular during his first year in office.

The former President had trounced the McCain/Palin ticket and was moving his agenda through at neck-break speed. There were obviously many folks (myself included) that really hated his presidency, but that wasn’t everybody. You remember the fanfare, right? The “Obama is like Jesus” rhetoric and the “he’s so cool” mindset ran rampant through many American cities. The group that loved him the most was the media, though…

2. The Democrats have tried to paint the President as a Russian operative.

Despite not having proof, the Democrats and the media have done their best to label President Trump as a Russian operative or at the very least a conspirator with Putin. They have made Comey a martyr, demanded Mueller take Trump down, and have put up a smokescreen over all of President Trump’s agenda. President Trump, however, has persevered.

3. President Trump has received more media negativity than any other President.

During the election, then-candidate Trump was hammered by the media, but that was NOTHING in comparison to the beating he’s taken as President. In fact, it’s the worst onslaught on a sitting President of all time. Feel free to look at the samples from just the last 24 years. It’s blatant and widespread. That means that ALL that most Americans here is negative about the President.

Despite being maligned on every turn, President Trump has seen his approval ratings climb steadily over the last several months. As the economy improves, that rating will undoubtedly continue to climb. His victories vastly outweigh his defeats. Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch, leaving the Paris Climate Treaty, and the tax reform bill are only a few of the monumental highlights. President Trump has taught the Democrats and the rabid media this time and again: the more you try to drag him down the stronger he becomes. He just keeps on winning!

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Bradley Brewer

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  1. Robert Berger

    December 28, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    “Maligned and attacked more than any other president ?” Huh ? I would say Obama was treated infinitely worse by the Republican party and the conservative media such as Fox and all the conservative political columnists , not to mention conservative citizens . But at least Trump deserves all the contempt and mockery he’s been receiving, because he’s a horrible person , the worst, most corrupt and incompetent president in US history , a pathological liar, a narcissistic sociopath, a bothering idiot , buffoon , clown, vulgarian, boor, lecherous creep, sexual predator , and the most unfit , unqualified and and unworthy presidential candidate ever . Trump has made America the laughing stock of the world with his unbelievably boorish behavior , his idiotic speeches and so on .
    Like him or not, Obama was an infinitely better president with all the good qualities Trump lacks and all the qualifications Trump lacks . He is highly intelligent, articulate, knowledgable, dignified, tactful, level-headed , well educated , high skilled in statecraft and diplomacy . Yet many American idiots paraded with signs calling him a native of Kenya, a Muslim, a Marxist and communist , a traitor , a supporter of Muslim terrorism and all that garbage . And they called him an ape and a monkey, and paraded with sings showing him being lynched KKK style . He deserved none of this !

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