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Shutdown Over: Trump Serves Up Reality to Democrats


The #SchumerShutdown definitely hurts someone, but it isn’t President Trump.

In the latest edition of “why America hates the politics of Washington, D.C.” the President comes out smelling like a rose.

Over the last few days, the focus has been on the government shutdown in Washington. The Democrats would have you believe that this was actually a “Trump Shutdown” and that the President is to blame. They have tried to sell that narrative despite the facts telling another story. The American people aren’t buying their bill of goods.

Why the Shutdown Happened.

In what should have been a fairly benign and procedural budget resolution (we can get into the real debate of their effectiveness later), the Democrats decided to play hard ball. The current resolution to fund the government ended at midnight on Friday so the Congress needed to have something in place before then. This same thing has happened dozens and dozens of times in the past. Rarely do they end in too much conflict, but mostly just grandstanding only to submit in the final hours. However, this time, the Democrats decided to throw a wrench into the normal procedure. They decided to turn down the bill until there was a decision on DACA and letting the “Dreamers” stay in the country indefinitely.

This was strictly a political move in order to strong-arm the President and congressional Republicans into a hasty deal. This would have only benefited and bolstered the Democrat voting block. Instead of capitulating to the hostage situation, the Republicans did the right thing and stood their ground. The Democrats were willing to shutdown the government despite the consequences to our military pay, national security, and health insurance for the nations neediest youth. It didn’t matter. This was their way of sticking it to President Trump and they didn’t care who it hurt.

Verdict: The Democrats Sided Against the American People.

In under 3 days, the Democrats caved and a deal was done. The damage, however, was already done, but not to President Trump like their plan intended. The outrage over the shutdown was severe, but the reason why the shutdown happened was what really enraged the electorate. The Democrats made a calculated decision to stand with the illegal immigrants and special interests who benefit from their presence in the U.S. President Trump and the Republicans were left standing on the side of the American people, American security, and fiscal responsibility. It was a gamble by the Democrats. They were looking to build their base by pulling thousands of illegals into the folds. Additionally, they hoped to derail the President’s agenda. The hope was that the economy would stumble in the face of the recent tax and regulation cuts by President Trump.

Here’s the REALITY: The plan failed miserably, President Trump won again, the Democrats looked foolish, and the American people don’t forget.

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  1. WD

    January 23, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Thank you for synopsis. Now, could you please write about under which terms the Democrats agreed to end the shutdown? I can’t find much info on that.

    • Emily

      March 8, 2018 at 6:19 am

      I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eareis!

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