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As a Jewish American in Israel, I STILL Stand by President Trump


As a Jewish American in Israel, I STILL Stand by President Trump.

Over a year ago, I made the conscious free will choice to not only vote for Donald Trump as the next President, but I have decided to campaign for him. Even though I am a Jewish constitutional conservative, I still stand with President Trump today and continue to defend him against the lies from liberal fake news media and Antifa liberals.

There is absolutely no proof of Donald Trump being an antisemitic, besides half of his family through marriage or conversion with his blessing in he has fought against antisemitism along with racism prior to politics. Click here for the full story. Now President Trump has made promises to the Jewish people in America as well as Americans in Israel. He is doing his best than any other President in my opinion for our people and ancestral homeland. The main most important reason why I decided to campaign, vote and continue to support President Trump, he is keeping his most important promise. No, it’s not the U.S. Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it’s letting Israel run itself.  For years past Presidents felt the need they have the authority to dictate to Israelis how to run their country, and in worse cases especially from Carter all the way to Obama, made it more dangerous for Israeli civilians. Dangerous by supporting a 2 state solution, going back to 67  borders. With the last administration which included John Kerry, actually almost justifying Islamic terror attack from Palestinians on Israelis, where victims were not just soldiers but women and children too. They justify these attacks by blaming building Jewish homes in a Jewish country and told Israel to restrain from defending itself while being rocketed by Hamas in the 50 day war a couple of years ago. Helping fund Palestinian families of terrorist by awarding them  millions of dollars after a terrorist makes a kill. To top it all off, Obama made the worse deal in history. The Iran nuke deal.

Back to President Trump. Besides all what he has done for the Jewish people prior to politics he has done a lot while as President. When he was inaugurated, he stopped the transfer of 221 million dollars of American tax payers from the Obama administration, which would have gone to the terrorist organization of the PLO. He condemns the Muslim brotherhood and deems them to be a terrorist organization. He has condemn violence from the white supremacist. His administration acknowledges the bias hatred from the United Nations toward Israel. He openly condemns radical Islam. He continues to stay neutral in Israel affairs. People need to realize he is not the world police chief. He is the President of the United States.  Now after all of this is said and done what more does he have to do to show his support for Israel and the Jewish people, enough is enough, Stop these lies and name calling. He is not a Nazi or fascist. He is a true patriot, an awesome President and a friend to the Jewish people and Israel.

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