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FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump Based on Fake Dossier


Fake Russian dossier was used as basis of FISA warrant used to spy on then-candidate Trump.

McCabe: The FISA warrant would never have been issued without the dossier.

Even after learning that the dossier was bunk, it was still used as the basis for renewing warrants.

In the wake of the release of the Nunes memo just moments ago, the realization has come to light what was always believed: the intelligence community used the fake/fallacous Russian dossier to be the basis of the FISA warrants to spy on candidate Trump.

What this means:

President Trump was illegaly spied on by the intelligence community. The warrant to allow these agencies to do so was given on false pretenses. The FISA court was led to believe that the dossier produced by Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS was credible and legitimate despite the intelligence community knowing that was not the case. Additionally, once the intelligence community tried to “cover their tracks” and fire Steele for the dossier (even though they knew it’s illegitimacy beforehand), they¬†still continued to use the dossier as the basis for future renewals of the FISA warrants.

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  1. Robert Berger

    February 2, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    This story looks extremely suspicious to me . The Trump administration is RIGHTLY running scared , and it’s desperate for some tactic to try to distract from Trump’s countless misdeeds as president .
    Mueller has tons of incontrovertible evidence to nail Trump and which would guarantee his a** to be toast . The FBI and the Democrats have got to keep Trump from firing Mueller in order to try to save his sorry rear end – or AMERICA will be toast .

    • Matei

      March 8, 2018 at 7:33 am

      There are no words to describe how bocauiods this is.

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