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Colbert Trivializes the Holocaust in Barb at President Trump


The Late Show host, Stephen Colbert, trivialized the Holocaust on Thursday night.

The floundering comedian used the Nazi salute as a barb at President Trump.

The levels that the leftist media will sink to never ceases to amaze me. Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Show on CBS, returned from a two week hiatus last night. The struggling comedian-turned-host seemed to have a lot of content to catch up on. He wasted no time in bashing President Trump, Steve Bannon, and a host of topics during his opening monologue. Those sort of stupid quips are normal for Colbert, but last night he decided to take it to a new level of degeneracy. While making a joke at President Trump’s response to the events of Charlottesville last month, Colbert made multiple Nazi salute gestures. Feel free to watch the creep below:

The Left trivializes the Holocaust and diminishes the real evil of the Nazis.

As an active member of the conservatism movement on the internet and in public, I have been called a Nazi dozens of times. Sadly, I’ve become desensitized to it. The Left has decided that anyone that disagrees with their politics or their ideals is a Nazi. President Trump is compared to Nazis and their leader Adolph Hitler on a regular basis despite having zero connection to anything pertaining to Nazism.

Do these liberal talking heads not realize what they are doing? While vehemently screaming over President Trump’s perceived bigotry and hate (without any examples of those of those beliefs), they make light of what a real Nazi looked like. Simply disagreeing with a liberal will land you under the Nazi label. However, real Nazis weren’t just people that had disagreements with others.

The Nazis under Adolph Hitler perpetrated one of the greatest atrocities this world has ever seen. They killed SIX MILLION Jews in concentration camps and killed countless other people during the war itself. They used their prisoners as guinea pigs for all sorts of demented science experiments. Racism oozed from their very essence. Quite simply, the Nazi’s were the worst of the worst in history. Yet, the liberal media and leftists use the “You’re a NAZI!” quip loosely and without thought. How can they be so callous? Every time they make a “President Trump is a Nazi” joke, they are belittling the death and destruction that so many faced at the hands of real Nazi’s. For a group of people that preach the sacredness of feelings and pray at the altar of political correctness, the Left sure is hateful. I’m looking at you, Stephen Colbert.

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