BREAKING: Vehicle Hits Protesters at Trans Rally


Breaking now: Vehicle hits protesters at transgender rally.

This evening in St Louis, a Mercedes-Benz ran through a group of protesters. There are currently no reports of any injuries or casualties, but information on the situation is sparse. The driver of the vehicle hit the protesters while they were standing in the middle of a busy street in St. Louis. The motive for the driver is unclear, but he is now in police custody.

The “Trans Lives Matter” protest scheduled for this evening was in response to the killing of Kenny ‘Kiwi’ Herring per reports from the Gateway Pundit. Kiwi was a member of the transgender community there in Missouri. He was killed by a St Louis police officer earlier this week during  a domestic disturbance call. He was shot and killed due to using a knife to attack the officer at the call.

Unfortunately, the full details of Herring’s death aren’t available. We do know that the deceased not only brandished a knife, but actually cut the officer with it. I do not cherish the loss of life, but everyone needs to realize a simple fact. If you try to attack a police officer and put his or her life at risk, you will be shot and killed. This person made the choice to endanger the officer, and the officer (it seems) acted within the realm of self-defense.

Police officers have a right to protect their own life. They want to do what we all want to do: make it home safe at the end of their work day. If more information comes out that show this to be unjustified, I will have no problem calling the officer out for it. This case, however, seems to be fairly open and shut. Despite that, the ‘outrage’ will likely continue.

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