Former Mosque Leader investigated for Recent Barcelona Attack




Former Mosque Leader Investigated for Recent Barcelona Attack


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

A former Mosque Leader, Abdelbaki Es Satty, is missing, and may possibly be one of the main suspects responsible for the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain this past week.  Authorities are searching Abdelbaki’s vacated apartment in order to determine whether he is one of the “key” players involved in orchestrating this deadly tragedy.  According to the Huffington Post, the suspect is known to have been residing in the town of, Ripoll, and formerly taught “Moroccan dialect of Arabic to  young children, in the area.”  Neighbors also stated that Abdelbaki would often mention traveling to Belgium, and coincidentally disappeared a week before the terrorist attack in Barcelona.  The terrorist suspect has been traveling to Vilvoorde, located in Belgian, which has been identified, as being highly populated with Islamic militants.  People who knew Abdelbaki also indicated that he had the desire to relocate to Morocco, permanently.  Investigators state that there may be a possibility that Abdelbaki might have perished at a house in Alcanar, during an explosion.  There are also reports based on incriminating evidence which linked Abdelbaki to the terrorists who plowed into the crowd in La Rambla, deadly attack.


Source: Huffington Post

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