A Group of Hackers form an Organization to Capture Online Child Predators




A Group of Hackers forms an Organization to Capture Online Child Predators


A group of Hackers is actually contributing to society in a positive method.  These particular hackers created an organization which helps identify and capture child pedophiles online.  Hadnagy, an “ethical hacker” founded the non-profit organization, Innocent Lives Foundation.

The self-proclaimed hacker stated that his group’s mission is to locate the identities of those producing, and trading child pornography, in order to bring these monsters to justice. Hadnagy is utilizing his technological talent due to his background within the IT realm.

Hadnagy has already assisted in identifying and “unmasking” the disgusting creeps who produced 51,000 images of child porn via the dark web and immediately alerted authorities. This crime fighting hacker has been a profound asset for the FBI, and responsible for the multiple arrests of these sick, and twisted individuals.

Hadnagy has two children of his own; therefore, he is ensuring to protect the youth from being exploited by perpetrators lurking via social media; such as, Kik, Instagram, Facebook; including less conspicuous outlets which are masked, yet are apparently seedy sites. Hadnagy is encouraging other hackers to join forces in order to fight the prevalent battle against child pornography.


Source:CNN Tech

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