FINALLY: President Trump Calls On NFL To Fire Protesting Athletes



Yesterday President Trump Called out the NFL in a fiery speech he made in Huntsville, Alabama.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’” Trump said. “You know, some owner is going to do that. He’s going to say, ‘That guy that disrespects our flag, he’s fired.’ And that owner, they don’t know it [but] they’ll be the most popular person in this country.”

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I don’t know about you but I’m personally sick and fucking tired of spoiled, over paid, Anti-American shits disrespecting our Nation, flag and the men and women who have fought and died for this Country.

Listen up NFL and NBA players, you’re entertainers. You get paid millions because we the people allow you to do so to entertain us. Once you piss us all off you’re done. We the people are already voting with our dollars and your ratings and attendance are already lacking.

Stick to throwing footballs and shooting hoops and stay the fuck out of the political arena when it’s game time. What you do on your own time is your prerogative. Take a knee at home. Organize a march and go get political when the final buzzer goes off. But on the field do your fucking job and entertain us. If not we have no use for you.


Now I do support freedom of speech and with that said you can say and do as you please, but I can also choose not to buy your merchandise, buy your tickets and watch your stupid BS!

Without the support of the American people you are just over paid, spoiled athletes trying to be cool and act out like the Failing left.

I personally will not be watching any sports this year. The acts of these Professional athletes has now rubbed off on our countries youth. Disrespecting our nation does nothing but divide this country even more.

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The NFL and NBA should in my opinion take action against these fools just like President Trump has said. Now one of the top trending things on Twitter is #TakeAKnee . Here are a few tweets from this hashtag thus far both positive and negative.

Now Lebron Shames Is chirping into the political arena with these remarks:

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  1. Robert Berger

    September 23, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    What makes our so-called “president ” think he has the right to tell sports teams what they should do ? What he’s calling for is nothing but blatant disregard for freedom of speech – exactly what he’s been doing ever since becoming president . It’s time for the American people to fire TRUMP ! He’s an arrogant little schmuck who should never even have been allowed to run for president ,because he has zero qualifications for any kind of political office .
    Donald Trumps the greatest threat to freedom in America .

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