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Exclusive: Imam Warned De Blasio About Extremists In NY


Last night I had the opportunity to speak with Imam Tawhidi.

Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian Shi’i Muslim creationist, educator, speaker, preacher, thinker, researcher and author of Iraqi origin who was born in the Holy City of Qum, Iran, into a spiritual family with a history of decades in the Islamic Seminary.

His father Imam Abdulmutalib Tawhidi served as the Senior Imam of the Shi’a Muslim Community in Western Australia and was the first to establish a Shi’a Mosque in the entire state. Shaikh Tawhidi’s lineage includes several Grand Ayatollahs, Arabian Legends such as Hatam al Ta’ei and Prophets Hud and Noah. He is also the maternal grandson of Shaikh Yasin al Rumaithi, a prominent eulogist and orator within the Shi’a faith.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi completed his initial studies in Perth, Western Australia, and engaged in Islamic studies, Doctrine, Philosophy and Theology in the Islamic Seminary of the holy city of Qum, Iran, as of January 2007.

In the year 2012, he attended the advanced lessons of the Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi in jurisprudence and principle, and was advised by his eminence to relocate to the Holy City of Karbala in the year 2013.

He studied under the authority of prominent teachers in both the Islamic Seminaries of Karbala and Najaf, of them are Ayatollah Shaikh AbdulKareem al Ha’eri, Ayatollah Shaikh Fadhil al Saffaar, the Grand Ayatollah Shaikh Mohammad al Sanad and Allamah Sayid Hussain al Qazwini.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi returned to Australia in 2015, after his journey in the Islamic Seminaries of Qum, Najaf and Karbala, and is considered an internationally active personality being fluent in Arabic, English and Farsi; and has delivered speeches at Hussainiyas, Mosques, Islamic centers, Churches and Universities across the Middle East, Europe, America, Australia and Canada.

He has delivered university lessons in doctrine and theology examining the theory of evolution, oneness of existence and the big bang theory. Shaikh Tawhidi is also active in the field of media and has appeared on several satellite channels globally, while his activities also include the administrating of Islamic Centres, websites, the publishing of Islamic books and delivers weekly theological, doctrinal and Jurisprudential lectures in universities and centres within South Australia.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi is licensed by numerous Grand Ayatollahs and leaders of Islamic Seminaries to lead and represent the Muslim community. He currently holds the position as the Imam of the Islamic Association of South Australia.

He is one of the most vocal Imams when it comes to calling out the extremists within his own religion.

I was shocked to hear that he was for Trumps Travel ban and that he thought Linda Sarsour was a puppet of the Saudi Government.

After the attack in NY took place Tawhidi took to twitter to let everyone know that he had warned NY Mayor De Blasio about the extremists in the NY area after a visit he had, had to the city.

The Imam also quickly translated the Name of yesterdays terrorist to the meaning “The Sword Of Allah”

He also says he will be releasing his letter to Mayor De Blasio warning him of Islamic extremists in NY

This is the Exclusive interview I had with Imam Tawhidi last night while he was in an airport waiting to travel.

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