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American in Israel says thank you President Trump


I would like to take this opportunity to thank President Donald Trump, for sticking to his promise, by decertifying the Iran nuclear deal. This deed has just made the United States and Israel safer from nuclear destruction from the Iranian regime.

It is well known to the world how the Iranian regime feels about the United States and Israel, labeling the USA big Satin and Israel little Satan, along with their chants of death to America and Israel. The first acts of terror on Americans from Iran began back in 79 with the bombing of Marine barracks. Their terror continues with funding Hezbollah, and other Islamic terror proxies which their goal is to wipe the 1 and only Jewish State off the map.

My first article that I personally have written was the dangers of the Iran nuclear deal, as I call it the Iran Nuke deal. This deal that Obama made was irresponsible and dangerous, putting the USA and Israel, heck the entire world at risk with a regime in Iran. Giving the Iranian regime millions of dollars, which went too funding their terrorism. A very eased protocol for inspections which gave them plenty of time to hide their violations. I won’t get into the whole deal because this letter is really more of how much I, as an American who lives in the Holy Land appreciation to President Trump, who made the hard decision to end this bad deal.  The world is safer because of President Trump.

From the bottom of my heart Mr President, I want you to know how truly grateful this American in Israel is for your leadership in protecting Americans, and American allies, thank you President Trump.


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