VIDEO: Pelosi Proves Once Again That She’s Delusional


Pelosi: Democrats have ‘won every fight’ against Republicans.

It’s hard to believe that Nancy Pelosi can keep setting new records in stupidity. However, that’s exactly what the long-time Democrat leader keeps doing. This time it is in an interview with KRON4’s reporter, Pam Moore. When questioned about why the Democrats haven’t been able to capitalize on the perceived ‘miscues’ by President Trump, Pelosi is floored. She tries to prove to Moore that the Democrats have ‘won every fight’ against the GOP in recent history. Has she forgotten November? Has she forgotten the multiple special elections since then? If she is simply referring to the poll numbers then the Democrat bar is really low at this point. President Trump has been winning, winning, winning. When there’s been a defeat for the President, it has been at the hands of his own party. The establishment GOP have been more of a roadblock than the Democrats ever have been.

Watch the luncacy from Nancy Pelosi:

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