After Republican Senator Called Trump Supporters Racist, WATCH Mike Huckabee RUIN Him on Live TV


As you may have heard, Republican Senator Jeff Flake has waged all out war against President Trump. In doing so, he has also waged war against the millions of Americans who voted for Trump.

Flake called Trump’s immigration policies xenophobic, and criticized the President’s America-first trade policies. He said Trump’s rise has led to “extreme Nationalism” and the Republican party has “lost it’s way.” After hearing this, Mike Huckabee RUINED him on Live TV. (Video Below)

By saying Trump’s policies are racist, Flake is bashing the millions of Americans who made up the Trump movement. These Americans simply want a secure border and think Americans workers should come first… and they are being called racist by a globalist Senator who has been in office for nearly 20 years?? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Mike Huckabee exposed Sen. Flake for the elitist, open-borders globalist that he really is. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook to help expose Senator Jeff Flake!

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