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Texas Woman Raises Funds for Homeless Man with Mental Illness





Texas Woman Raises Funds for Homeless Man with Mental Illness


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


In the midst of continuous violence and hatred in the world; there is still hope and love exhibited by a few people.  Ginger Sprouse is one of those individuals one would hope to come across; especially during a time of adversity.  Ginger took notice to a man who often stood by a corner on a daily basis for 3 years, and most people who passed by, or drove around that corner merely went about their lives, but often mentioned that “something should be done about that man.”  Victor Hubbard suffers from mental illness and stood in that corner, hoping that one day he would reunite with his mother whom left him there, years ago.

Ginger decided to take it upon herself in order to help her fellow neighbor, and she truly went above and beyond.  Ginger washed Victor’s clothes and often cooked meals for him.  According to reports, Ginger also initiated a community intervention by creating a Facebook page in order to elicit financial assistance from others within the “GoFundMe” organization.  Ginger promoted Victor via Social media with the following heartfelt message: “Victor is a sweet and gentle man that happens to be mentally ill….he will out-bless you every time.”  Ginger urged others within the neighborhood to assist Victor, and raise funds, so that he may turn his life around.  Ginger’s goal was met and within a 2 month span, $19,000 was raised for Victor.  As a result, he is flourishing and now works for Sprouse’s cooking classes, and catering company, as a cook.

Victor has currently also reunited with his family; including his mother.  Therefore, Ginger’s inspiring act of kindness which prompted a community effort, truly assisted one of their own.  This is the type of story which uplifts one’s spirit, and this is the perfect example of what love can do; for it is limitless.  In the end, love will always outweigh hate, and prove that if one person’s vision is shared by many; then, the end result will be amazing.  Victor has been immensely grateful, and  indicated that Ginger, ” kind of saved me…, it’s like grace.”  In essence, this story is genuinely, one more for the books, so to speak; ultimately, being kind is  immensely gratifying, and effortless.


Source: Yahoo News


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