Roy Moore vs. Al Franken: The Burden of Proof


Today’s accusations against Al Franken alongside the accusation against Roy Moore present America with a choice.

When it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct, does proof matter? What does being a politician have to do with it?

Today’s news of Al Franken sexually assaulting Leeann Tweeden in 2006 has taken today’s news cycle by storm. Not only did Al Franken allegedly assault this woman, but there is a photo that proves the allegations. Over the past few weeks/months there have been dozens of brave women and men who have come forward to tell their stories about some of America’s most prominent Hollywood stars. Now that trend is slipping into American politics. For the last several days, Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Alabama Senator has been embroiled in an all out assault over alleged sexual allegations stemming back to actions that happened in 1979. Now several more women are coming forward to tell similar stories. However, none have been able to present any proof or evidence to back up the accusations.

There is little doubt that sexual assault (and pedophilia) is a very real and present issue in our nation. The #MeToo campaign has brought that to light (though it’s by no means a perfect campaign to do so).

The real question is this:

Should accusations without the burden of proof be enough to either 1) remove someone from office, or 2) exclude them from the opportunity to hold office?

The short answer is: neither.

The longer answer takes a few more words. With the revelations of the depravity of individuals like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, and others like them, we have seen their entire world crumble (and rightfully so). They have lost movie and television deals, been stripped of awards and status, and been left in the trash heap of public opinion. It appears that Senator Al Franken is about to join them. The testimony of Leeann Tweeden is damning in and of itself, but when accompanied with photographic evidence of Franken’s degeneracy it is all but undeniable. If justice prevails, this will likely lead to the removal of Franken from office of his own decision. It’s doubtful that he will make his colleagues remove him.

That being said, how does this effect the Roy Moore situation? Does it have any bearing? I say, not in the slightest, at least as the case sits at the time of it’s writing.

There are a couple GLARING differences between the Moore and Franken scenarios.

First, the Franken situation is farely recent, the Moore allegation is not (2006 vs. 1979). That (alone) isn’t enough to discredit one versus the other, but it is a very real piece of this puzzle. Second and more importantly, there is real, hard evidence against Franken. It cannot be denied. Even Franken himself has referenced the inappropriateness of the action in question. In Roy Moore’s case, there is no real evidence at all.

The only thing presented as ‘evidence’ by the accusers of Moore is a yearbook allegedly signed by the judge in 1977. The validity of the yearbook signature is in serious question and is currently being deliberated between the attorneys working the case for both sides. However, even if the yearbook turns out to be 100% valid, it is not evidence of any wrong doing. Creepy? Sure. Criminal? Not in the slightest.

The accuser, in the Left’s mind, is judge, jury, and executioner.

I have no clue whether Roy Moore did what he’s accused of and neither do you. What I do know is that Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty. Those on the left and right calling for him to step aside from the election are free to make such a request, but Judge Moore has no necessity to take your opinion. The people of Alabama have every right to elect him as their Senator. Additionally, unless some other information arises that shows real proof that the accusations are true, those in power have no basis to not confirm his election.

In America, EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty. In the court of public opinion, it doesn’t technically matter if you’re guilty, people can think what they want. That’s how this works. There is no proof that Roy Moore is guilty. There is no legal basis (at this point) to deny him the Senate seat. However, in the court of public opinion, the people of Alabama have the choice to decide what they choose to believe. That, and that alone, should be the basis of this election.

The Left has their own fish to fry. Al Franken’s indiscretions are on film, but he still deserves an investigation. Big difference. The burden of proof matters.

Innocent. Until. Proven. Guilty.

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Bradley Brewer

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  1. David battestella

    November 26, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    YOU, were “embarrassed, and ashamed” and it’s been “difficult” for you? WHAT ABOUT HER, you self righteous prick? Sen. Franken D-Minnesota, ‘ashamed’ of Tweeden photo, says ‘she didn’t have any ability to consent.’ “She had every right to feel violated by that photo.” So do the RIGHT thing and resign


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