Obama is the Last Person that Should be Comparing Anyone to Hitler


The audacity of Barack Obama never ceases to amaze me. Even though he is no longer the President of the United States he still has to get the attention towards him to help his global agenda which is the enemy of America first.

In this article, you see Obama comparing President Trump to Hitler and the rise of Nazi, Germany, obviously taking a lot of what President Trump does or says out of context.If you take the time to research their policies and their agendas, you would see who is more Hitler like. Examples of gun control, lies allowed in the media, it takes a village, many of these policies by Obama are similar to that of Hitler. Especially hatred for the Jewish people and the Jewish state Israel, here’s what I mean.

It was obvious where Obama’s Presidency was going to stand with Israel when he first visited countries that were the enemies of both America and Israel and apologized to them. The Nazis, and especially Hiter’s number 1 people that he hated were the Jewish people. Obama is no difference, don’t let the phony photo opps fool you. During the conflicts with Hamas, who constantly fired rockets over in civilian Israeli populated cities, he ordered Israel to restrain from defending itself. Also said many times, use proportional force and always discouraged Israel from defending itself against the terror organization who continues to murder Israeli civilians.

Obama also composed the worst deal of all time, the Iran nuclear deal. This deal puts both the United States and the Jewish State of Israel in harm’s way. Remember, the Iranian revolutionary guard had issues with ‘Israel should be wiped off the Earth.’ Iran Regime chants on a daily basis death to Israel, they sponsor terrorism, they fund money which Obama gave to terror organizations like Hezbollah and others who are sworn enemies of Israel. When Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu came to speak on Israel’s behalf regarding this deal, Obama turned a cold shoulder to him and made the deal anyway. He also abstained from voting in the United Nations on a decree of cutting Jewish ties to Jewish holy sites in Israel, continues to blame building Jewish homes in Jewish country for the terror caused by Palestinian Muslims, there is nothing he has done really what a friend to Israel and the Jewish people would do,

The list can go on, so as you can see who is really Nazi/Hitler like, the sitting President who just recognized Jerusaem as the Jewish capital of Israel, and sending U.S.Embassy there, or the one who has put the people of Israel in harms way.

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