Joel Osteen not Opening his Mega Church Doors for Evacuees, in the name of Jesus?



Joel Osteen not Opening his Mega Church Doors for Evacuees, in the name of Jesus?


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


Joel Osteen sure “talks the talk” but when mother nature strikes, it surely is a testament of his lacking in moral character regarding the Televangelist’s idle hands.  Houston has been under a state of emergency due to Hurricane Harvey.  There are many flooded areas and apparently, Osteen’s mega Lakewood church, which can accommodate nearly 16,000 people is unfortunately not opening its doors for evacuees.  While local mattress stores are welcoming the Hurricane victims with open arms, the billionaire preacher has shut his place of worship down.

Many witnesses have taken pictures outside the multi-million dollar ministry, and indicated that there is no damage, and the church is a viable candidate, in being a shelter for those affected by the flooding.  However, Joel Osteen has only sent his “prayers” to residents of Houston, and possibly vacated the area immediately to an undisclosed location.  It is a daunting notion that a person who preaches about the “Prosperity Gospel,” only profits for himself rather than assisting displaced members of his community.  Joel Osteen resides in a 10.5 million dollar mansion, and yet, he hasn’t utilized his monetary resources in order to provide humanitarian aid for the victims of this catastrophic Hurricane.

On a personal note, I would like to acknowledge those heroes, and individuals who are making a difference in Houston; such as, law enforcement, firefighters, National Guard, American Red Cross, and any person merely helping a fellow Houstonian.  To all those embarking in philanthropy out of the goodness of their own heart, and providing assistance all across the globe, you are the epitome of what a “good Samaritan” embodies.  I am fortunate that I have been bestowed the passion in helping people, or charitable causes at an early age because of my mother, Angie.  My philanthropic mother may not be the wealthiest person, but is more than willing to assist a person in dire need.  I’m absolutely positive that most individuals with the least amount in their pocket book are contributing immensely despite possessing a meager salary, or allowance.  I salute everyone who is charitable in every sense of the word.


Source: Twitter, and Daily

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