The Real Identity of Jack the Ripper Finally Revealed


The Real Identity of Jack the Ripper Finally Revealed

Identity of Jack the Ripper Revealed



The intriguing and enigmatic case of Jack the Ripper has enthralled society for 130 years.  There is extraordinary, evidentiary support to conclude that the infamous, Jack the Ripper may very well be, James Maybrick.  Apparently, Maybrick’s career pertained to the sale of cotton and resided in Liverpool.  A diary discovered underneath the floorboard of his estate. I thought too that Maybrick derived from an affluent background during the 19th century.  In 1992, there were workers who recovered the diary at Maybrick’s mansion, known as, Battle Crease house.

James Maybrick died in 1889, and according to the Telegraph, he perished a year before the last documented, gruesome murder which was the typical profiling style of Jack the Ripper’s serial killer tendencies.  Coincidence, or is this circumstantial evidence? Well, perhaps, Maybrick’s narrative and first six account diary may

very well indeed be a written confession, because he meticulously detailed his murder spree encounters, “I give my name that all know of me, so history does tell, what love can do to a gentleman born.”- The Telegraph.  Aside from this “tell all” diary, he also incorporated information regarding “killing 6 women, one from Manchester, and the other 5 in London’s East End.” Therefore, these were the crime scenes in which authorities found the victims of Jack the Ripper in 1888.

Jack The Ripper

Previously, Jack the Ripper was thought to have been a doctor for the royal family, or H.H. Holmes, a well known serial killer.  However, with the pieces of the puzzle deciphered due to discoveries, especially, in this case, a diary stored secretly under the estate of James Maybrick seems immensely plausible, and damming evidence.  If so, what was Maybrick’s motive in murdering these women? If the diary is an authentic form of concrete evidence, it may appear that lust or a sick kind of twisted “love” must have been a motivating factor for James, as he stated in his notes.

In 1993, author, Robert Smith wrote, and incorporated excerpts from  Maybrick’s diary, and is slated to soon release another continuation, with newly found research on September 4th.  Personally, my perspective is that if James Maybrick is the actual Jack the Ripper; it may be possible that he didn’t act alone.  For some reason, I think there may have been an accomplice.  Based on my research in seeking the true identity of Jack the Ripper, I came across some notes which indicate that the victims were dissected in a manner in which is indicative of a medical background in anatomy. As a result, the accomplice may have been a butcher or doctor.  Pondering about the endless possibilities is feasible. Therefore, I anticipate further information disclosed by researchers, and authors in the near future.

 The Telegraph Reports:

In the 9,000 word volume, Maybrick confessed to the brutal murders of five women in the East End of London, as well as one prostitute in Manchester.

He signed off the diary: “I give my name that all know of me, so history do tell, what love can do to a gentleman born. Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper.”


The final page of the diary was signed ‘Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper’

But within months of the book hitting the shelves, Ripper experts, who subjected it to careful analysis, began to question its authenticity.

The diary had first come to public attention via a former Liverpool scrap metal dealer named Mike Barrett, who claimed he had obtained it through a family friend, Tony Devereux.

Unfortunately, Mr. Devereux died shortly afterward, and so the diary’s true provenance was never fully explained, cementing the view among many that it was simply a sophisticated forgery.


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