The Globalists Are the Real Winners of Charlottesville.


The globalists are the real winners of Charlottesville.

As almost everyone in America did, I watched the events at Charlottesville from a distance. The event wasn’t something that I was aligning myself with. Despite the ‘intentions’ of the rally, it quickly became something that no freedom-loving American should have wanted anything to do with. The rally became the tool of the globalists to use as a wedge to drive into the heart of the American populous.

How could it degenerate so fast?

The ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville was originally planned as a public display in defense of Civil War-era statues and a preservation of history. If it had stayed that way, I could have supported it. However, it quickly degenerated outside of those bounds and became a melee between all of the worst parts of society: white supremacists & white nationalists vs. Antifa & Black Lives Matter groups. Before you say it, yes, I know that everyone there wasn’t in one of those categories. Some were journalists, some were simply alt-right individuals there to peacefully march, and others were members of the left there to peacefully counter-protest. I have no beef with any of those groups and their rights to be there. What surprised me is how quickly the entire situation deteriorated.

Every fire has a spark.

Situations like Charlottesville don’t happen organically. Fires don’t ignite without a spark. What made this march go violent? The word false flag generally gives the wrong connotation. This atrocity definitely did happen and people were badly injured and even one woman sadly lost her life. However, the claim of the media and the left that what happened at Charlottesville was organic is patently false. The spark that started this fire was paid (or at the very least, prodded) dissent. People were bused in from all over the United States to wage this war from both sides. That’s not to say that some of the people that fought weren’t there organically, because I’m sure there were. However, the individuals who propagated the violence were professional protesters, but they weren’t alone.

Buses full of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters arriving in Charlottesville on Saturday morning, August 12,2017.

Where were the police?

I feel like we ask this every time a major clash happens when Black Lives Matter or Antifa are involved. Officers are on scene, but are gagged by either their commanding officer or the mayor. The battle in Charlottesville was no different. Mayor Michael Signer gave the order to the police department to stand down and let the travesty happen. Why would a mayor not seek de-escalation? Why would he want the violence to bubble over? Had the police been allowed to do their job, the situation would have resulted in a couple cheap shots, but little more. That however is not how things played out in Charlottesville, this smells of a power play.

Here’s how things played out. The Unite the Right organizers had a permit to march that day. So, regardless of your feelings on their message, everything was kosher in that department. The morning of the event, the mayor decided to pull the permit on the rally deeming it canceled. There was one huge problem with that decision. By the time the permit was pulled, the marchers were already in place and were flanked by Antifa and BLM counter-protesters. The only way out of that area for the marchers was directly back through the swaths of Antifa and BLM. So not only did the mayor make a decision to cancel the rally which caused the clash, he pulled the police and gave the stand down order which left the situation to fester and become inherently violent. Do you still believe that this decision wasn’t even slightly coordinated?

George Soros’ Antifa goes in disguise.

I have no way to confirm all of these reports because I was not there, but there are images that support the claims, so they do have some merit. Antifa protesters were caught on multiple occasions having in their possession signage and outfits to look like KKK and white nationalists. These staged protesters were found throughout the Unite the Right rally goers. It is obvious that the motive of these individuals was to perpetuate the mainstream media story line of racism and division. There were definitely elements of racism on both sides of the Charlottesville march (whether that was the original intent or not), but once again, it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter that sparked the violence.

This is a recurring theme for these groups. From Ferguson to Berkeley, their modus operandi is to escalate violence and tensions to a level that requires a response from the local communities. Normally it results in the event being shut down and free speech stifled. However, I say once again, that these groups ARE NOT organic and they do not act on the whims of their “handlers.” They are the mobilization force for George Soros’ and other globalists like him.

Stoking the flames of division.

The destruction of a society and a people group can rarely happen when the people are united in vision and purpose. That is especially true when those people make up the most powerful nation in the history of the world. The globalists, like George Soros, know this fact. They had made such great strides while using recent Presidents as puppets at their bidding. Now, the American people have taken back power of their Presidency (despite the swamp).

The aftermath of an Antifa rally in Berkeley, CA.

The globalists are in desperation mode trying to take back power the only way they know how, through division and hate. The United States is one of the last bastions of freedom and nationalism on the face of this planet. The global elite now must use their last ditch effort to fan the flames of division in hopes that it will create fissures in this mighty nation. We as a people can only be defeated when we are divided.

The globalists are the real winners of Charlottesville.

The white nationalists/supremacists didn’t win this weekend, and the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters didn’t win this weekend. They are but the same glove operating on different hands. The American people as a whole certainly didn’t win this weekend. Sadly, the globalists like George Soros were the real winners of Charlottesville. They accomplished their goal for the weekend: spread hate and violence through the work of their minions on both sides of the ‘hate’ spectrum. They used their power in the government (Mayor Michael Signer) and in the streets (hate groups on both sides).

It is my prayer that the American people can see through their tricks and realize that they are being conned. We are not a racist nation. We are a nation of people who still hold the light of liberty and freedom, and for that we are under attack by the same globalists that have wrecked most of the world. Stand up and fight, America, but not with rocks and sticks, but with truth and liberty!

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Bradley Brewer

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  1. katzkiner

    September 21, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    There were reports of KKK & Antifada getting off the same bus.
    Your report supports those reports.
    Soros only hired 32,000 “community organizers” and opened 250 offices nationwide to “stop Trump”.
    Barry & Valery Jarrett are supposed to be running the effort from his DC mansion
    Sounds like time for a “no knock raid” and charges of SEDITION.
    Clinton shut down the Patriot Movement in the 90’s with the Sedition Trials.
    Turn about is fairplay.
    Has anybody seen Jeff Sessions?

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