An Embassy Suites Hotel Manager goes Berserk



An Embassy Suites Hotel Manager goes Berserk


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


An Embassy Suites hotel female manager goes berserk, and attempts to sabotage a family reunion in El Paso, TX.  An unprofessional and unruly manager has a nervous breakdown when she confronts the hotel guests during the family reunion in one of their conference suites.  Apparently, the manager notified police, and slandered guests who were simply striving to enjoy themselves while reuniting with loved ones at the family function.  The manager on duty that night took it upon herself to try, and force the hotel’s guests to vacate the premises an hour early due to “noise complaints.”  It is evident that the hotel manager made false assumptions that the guests at the family reunion were supposedly violating hotel policy; however, there was a contract set in place.  Therefore, the D.J. and disco was allowed, and approved previously during the contract negotiations prior to the event.

It is at that point that the police realized that the guests were within their rights.  As a result, the family stayed for the remainder of the night, and continued to enjoy the music.  However, according to some of those in attendance, a guest indicated that “the mood and vibe of the reunion was now ruined, and most of the family members left.”  Thus, one of the guests also indicated that she witnessed the female manager yelling, and hysterically crying like a maniac when the police were interviewing her.  The distressed and crazed manager also sped across the hallway, and fled away from the scene almost knocking guests over, shouting, “move out of the way,” as she rushed to the restroom nearby. She proceeded to lock herself in one of the bathroom stalls, intimidating those around her vicinity.

The spokesperson for the family gathering was immensely disappointed, and stated that “there was scantily clad girls lounging around the hotel lobby all day, wearing G-strings and bras, like some sort of strip club.”  However, the inappropriately dressed, and rowdy crowd in the lobby was not a cause for concern for management.  Those guests staying at the hotel due to the Sun City Rave festival were clearly accommodated, and allowed to parade around the hotel “half naked” while young children witnessed their indecent dress attire, or lack thereof.  Meanwhile, the family congregating for the reunion which was mainly comprised of elderly, and middle aged individuals were harassed by the female hotel manager.  There were family members who were visiting from out of town in order to unite with beloved family who hadn’t seen each other in years; yet are treated unfairly, and startled when the 4 police officers barged into their family reunion.  In researching reviews for the Embassy Suites hotel, there was a wealth of predominantly negative reviews in which one of the comments states, “service is awful,” and “rude workers,” in another statement.  It is quite disturbing that a manager would behave in such a manner, and deliberately deter patrons from this establishment.  Overall, the spokesperson for the family is attempting to be reimbursed for the time which was impeded upon.



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