Now Steve Bannon is Free to Destroy the Left.


Before it’s all said and done, Democrats may live to regret their desire to get rid of Steve Bannon.

We’ve heard the calls for months now, the left was rabid in their calls to #FireBannon. Steve Bannon was often times even more hated by liberals than President Trump himself. Coming from a background of hard-hitting political narratives during his time at Breitbart, however, he is no rookie when it comes to attacks from the left. While he took his leave from Breitbart to work for President Trump, he was forced to curtail his full-on assault on the left. Though Trump delivered a very nationalism-based platform, Bannon himself could not go on the full offensive. After his resignation yesterday, nothing is holding him back.

‘Going to war for Trump against his opponents…’

All the talking heads and political pundits spent the day yesterday making fun of Trump and Bannon. They reveled in the final ‘defeat’ of Trump’s biggest supporter and political adviser. Steve and Donald will be the ones laughing soon. It’s time for the great conservative ‘hammer’ to go back to doing what he does best: destroy the left. Bannon reported back to Breitbart yesterday to slide into his role as Executive Chairman. He evidently even ran their editorial meeting Friday afternoon.

It will be interesting to see what kind of role he will play going forward with the Trump White House. I don’t believe that he will turn into an enemy of the President, but you can be guaranteed that he will fervently oppose the globalists within the White House. Bannon is an unabashed nationalist. He makes no bones about his fight against globalism. Now Trump is virtually alone with the globalists in the White House. He will need allies on the outside because the list of allies within the White House is getting dangerously short. Whatever happens, you can rest assured that the Left will soon regret pushing Steve Bannon out of the White House. You’ve just unleashed the beast.

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