American Israeli Trump Supporter’s Message to the UN General Assembly: FUCK OFF



I am fired up and angry.

The United Nations are meeting at their normal bash Israel, bash anything Jewish General Assembly today. They are throwing the biggest temper tantrum on the face of the earth because President Trump kept a promise to the American people, especially to the American Jewish community. He recognized Jerusalem as the undivided capitol of Israel and promised to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

I usually set a standard in my articles, and I give myself rules to follow, like no cursing in the headlines.  But today, I am fired up and angry. I angry as an American and Israeli citizen, that an organization, mostly compiled of terrorist or terrorist supporters, feel they have the right to say anything about my city, the city I live in, the city I pay taxes and call home, the city which is known as the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. A Jewish King by name of David, founded Jerusalem over 3,000 years ago. It’s been our home for the Jewish people ever since, long before Islam, long before Mohammed and definitely long before the United Nations General Assembly.

The United States of America does not answer to the UN General Assembly.

Israel is a sovereign nation, we do not need any recognition from anyone. In fact in 1980, the Knesset passed a bill that recognized all of Jerusalem as our capitol. It was our capitol before the modern day “Palestinians” even existed was a known entity. Another true fact is, the Palestinian people are not a real people group. They have no origin, no language, no culture, nothing to make them an actual nation. Their primary existence is to wipe the one and only Jewish State off the map and erase Jewish existence. They come from different Arab countries that surround Israel prior to their invasion. I can’t repeat enough that many of the leaders of countries that are apart of this General Assembly, who spoke out against the Jerusalem and the U.S.  are vile, ruthless dictators, like example Venezuela, whose leadership is destroying their people with socialistic ideology. It’s a shame that the United Nations don’t do anything to help people who are really in need, but only attack Israel, who has done so much for humanity.

Another thing, while Jerusalem belongs to Israel, the U.S. Embassy belongs to the President of the United States and to the country itself. The United States of America does not answer to the UN General Assembly. If they want to move their embassy, it’s their right. I wish I had the opportunity to speak at this Assembly and deliver undeniable facts that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. Israelis are tired of this abuse and we want it to end. It’s time we make our own constitution and break away from international law because the UN has done nothing for Israel except demonize our people and enable Islamic terror. So with all of that, United Nations, fuck off.

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