Destroying Hollywood’s Hypocrisy in 60 Seconds


Recently leftist Hollywood took another shot of hypocrisy-tequila with their “Times Up” campaign, an effort which intended to highlight sexual harassment in the film industry. Hollywood’s stars had no problem virtue-signaling to the masses, demonstrating “their bravery” in the fight against… something. The only problem is, all of them knew – & they knew way before we all did, and they did nothing about it. How convenient it is to simply throw on a button, wear black, and act like you’re on the right side. Blowing the whistle on abusers like Weinstein would have been brave, not this. An industry which lectures us tirelessly about our mistakes just made a mistake of their own, but instead of saying #MeToo, they’re saying #NotMe.

The greater issue at play is not the “patriarchy”. Abuses like those seen in Hollywood don’t exist in other non-leftist institutions. The real issue is hypocrisy. Hollywood’s actors and actresses have pretended to be virtuous for so many years, and now it turns out their industry is the only one without virtue. This is a special type of hypocrisy. Leftists are quick to lecture, & quick to demonstrate their moral superiority, but only in words – it’s easier to be morally superior in words rather than real life.

Mark Ruffalo said “we’re all dreamers” in his recent show of support for DACA. I’m curious how many DACA recipients live in his mansion, or in his neighborhood – probably not too many. It’s easy to act morally superior, but actually putting your words where your mouth is, that’s something different.

Aside from Leonardo “climate-change activist” Decaprio flying around in his private smog-prone jet, #TimesUp supporter James Franco forcing women to get naked on set, or George “Open-Borders” Clooney building a wall around his property to keep out migrants, everything is just dandy in liberal land.

So the next time Hollywood comes up with a new gimmick to lecture you with – laugh. They just want attention, and we probably owe it to them, after all, they get paid to play pretend. Who are we to burst their bubble?

About Erik Pacheco

Erik Pacheco

Erik Pacheco is a conservative student & writer, based in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Robert Berger

    January 13, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    HOLLYWOOD’s hypocrisy ? What about the hypocrisy of all those who are blasting Hollywood actors and bigwigs for sexual misconduct while conveniently overlooking the equal or even worse sexual misconduct of our so-called “president” Trump, Roy Moore, other GOP politicians and preachers all over the country ?
    Pot, meet kettle .

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