Why Winning the Culture War is More Important than Ever


The majority of so-called “conservative politicians” have lacked both the guts and the game plan to take the country back from the forces of multiculturalism and liberalism. Instead, the monumental task has been left to people like you and I, the Right, to push back in a fight where we lack both numbers and public namesake. But what we do have could be considered the most dangerous or the most important commodity of all – opportunity. See, with the reignition of rightist politics following the colossal victory of Donald J. Trump, America is ready once again to be a strong nation – one of liberty & moral character.



To win this fight is to take back what it means to be American. This will not be a swift victory, it will be slow, it will be tedious, it will be painful, but in the end, it will be liberating. The first of all premises we must work to remove is biases of liberal teachers – whether it be in college, high school, middle school, or even the kindergarten. We cannot win without the surpassing of this barrier. Liberals use their position, often as educators or influencers to indoctrinate children into becoming far-leftist “zombies”, zombies who will inevitably lead to more.

As leftist politicians (& teachers/professors for that matter) go farther left, we must push back against their indoctrination. Why is it that far-left actors like that of Antifa go undiscussed by the mainstream media yet any push for policy right of Bush (W.) is viewed as fascism, or as complete idiocy? Why is it okay that the left can go to such an extreme yet we cannot maintain our realm? It’s because we’re ruled by tyrants – those in the media, celebrities, politicians, musicians – and even here at home, yes even your professors.



Entertainment is easily one of the easiest arenas we can fight back in. Liberal “comedians” dominate the air time, hours on end, yet have no real substance to their words. Liberal musicians use their access to America’s youth to promote drug culture, gang culture, and premarital sexual relationships. Liberal actors are drenched in hypocrisy, using guns to make money on screen, yet they fail to defend them off screen. The fact that there isn’t a single conservative late night comedian is astonishing, and quite telling. In a world where liberals love diversity, where is the diversity of opinion?

George Carlin once said, “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners”. Carlin wasn’t wrong. Censorship happens all the time to conservative ideals, whether it be online or in real life. Most shocking is the censorship you do to yourself, because “it wouldn’t be politically correct to say so”. We must free people of these mental constraints. People must become free to speak, and free to think. Oddly enough, you thought you were already free to do these things – think again.


America must be pro-West once again. It’s far too common of theme in schools to teach of the “injustices” America has committed rather than its grand victories. We must reject eastern influence, Islam most of all. It’s amazing how Islam is the epitome of leftist injustice, yet they stand side by side with that ticking time bomb – literally. It’s time we learn about what a great country we are – our history, our heritage, and our victories. To arm yourself with this knowledge is to arm yourself with a plan, one that can be used to make new history, advance American heritage, and forge new victories.

This is a winnable fight, but we must understand that we’re in a fight with no backups, & absolutely no room for losses. This fight can’t be won with squirmy politicians with an R in front of their names. Instead, it must be won by the conservative populous – you & I. Use your voice, fight for what you believe in, & don’t water down your ideas to fit a social narrative – it’s that very social narrative that we’re working so hard to destroy.

You are not alone. We will prevail.

About Erik Pacheco

Erik Pacheco

Erik Pacheco is a conservative student & writer, based in Los Angeles, California.

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