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Why Aren’t Shaun King And Black Lives Matter In Houston?


Why Aren’t Shaun King And Black Lives Matter In Houston?

I was born and mostly raised in Houston, Texas. The majority of my family still live there. I know that Houston is predominantly Black and Hispanic. So I’m asking a very simple question. Why aren’t Shaun King and Black Lives Matter in Houston helping Black Lives that supposedly matter? Let me explain why.

  1. There is no money to be made in Houston. It would cost money to help these poor black communities in the inner city, therefore, Shaun King isn’t lifting a finger. You would think that He and BLM would jump, and run since they talk about how much Black lives matter. Apparently not. I’ve said this from the beginning. The Black LIves Matter movement is a fake movement that’s fully funded by George Soros, and the progressive left. There is no race baiting to be done except on twitter, therefore, there is nothing Houstonto be made from helping poor black folks in need. Shaun King has become part of the 1%. He sure as hell has made millions off fueling the coming race war. Everything in his eyes is racist. I can guarantee his half white ass thinks the storm is racist. He probably feels that the white man created the storm to wreck the ghetto. I don’t see why he would even try to help after all it would get dirt on his white pants.
  2. Helping Black communities would actually be helping ALL LIVES. Not just blacks live in these flooded communities. It would be bad press if they helped ALL LIVES.
  3. No money to be made
  4. Spend too much money
  5. No money to be made

I think you get it. The ONLY reason these assholes are not trying to help black lives is that there are zero dollars to be made. It’s a shame how much they preach and collect millions from special interest to help divide us.

When Katrina hit New Orleans, We never saw any of these people down there helping either. Again, There is no money to be made. Profits over people. That’s something they also preach against yet, they do it.

I saw a photo of a man on an airboat with a rebel flag helping a black family get out of the waters. Who’s racist though? The media won’t report on that. Therefore I will provide you a photo!


Funny how the people the left called “Nazis, Racist, and White Supremacist” are the ones out helping while they sit their asses at home, and not doing anything to help. What else do you expect from such low lives?

Keep in mind that “Black Lives Matter” is only in it for the money, and to appease George Soros.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroy cities they have no intentions of cleaning them up.


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