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Nursing Home residents in Houston rescued from Hurricane flooding



Nursing Home residents in Houston rescued from severe Hurricane Flooding


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


La Vita Bella Nursing home in Dickinson, TX., within the Houston area, became the heart-wrenching scene of severe flooding, and the residents were evidently affected by the catastrophic hurricane.  The nursing home consists of local elderly patients; including 15 with dementia.  The owner of the nursing home, Trudy Lampson had indicated that there was an emergency evacuation protocol set in place.  However, within a matter of minutes, the elderly patients were already in severe danger due to the “chest high” water flooding by the time the owner arrived at the home.

Panic-stricken staff members had promptly called for assistance, but nobody had arrived yet, and everyone at the facility became trapped.  The employees at the nursing home were striving to save their residents; for instance, an employee also stated, “I was on the phone with anybody, except for God.”  It took a while until the heroic rescue on behalf of the National guard, and a few friends with either a boat, or other emergency methods of transporting the patients, and staff was conducted.  The elderly victims and employees were also provided with snacks, and beverages.  According to a National Guard member, when they had arrived, the home was immensely submerged under water.  Thankfully, the residents and employees were rescued, and taken to either a hospital, or nearby evacuation shelters.



Source: SF Gate, and MSN

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