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Hurricane Irma is a Category 5


Hurricane Irma is a Category 5


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


Hurricane Irma has been eerily categorized, as a category 5, and the tempestuous force of mother nature has already caused chaos.  The hurricane has hit down in areas; such as, the Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean.  The magnitude of this storm has approximately “185 winds,” and Puerto Rico has been experiencing Hurricane Irma’s early arrival.  Puerto Rico is expected to endure “20 inches of rain,” as of today, and Florida is the storm’s next target.  Floridians have already begun evacuating due to the forecast, in which the hurricane is predicted to make its appearance on Sunday.  However, in some cases, ticket prices for airlines has skyrocketed to nearly “$2,000, per ticket.”  Hence, storm preparation is underway for people who have decided to ride out the storm, and especially for sites; such as, the 2 nuclear centers located in Florida. According to a Science professor, specializing within the atmospheric concentration studies, David Nolan indicated that the “mood in South Florida is frantic.”


Source: National Weather Service, and MSN

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