U.S. Airstrikes in Eastern Afghanistan Kills Civilians



U.S. Airstrikes in Eastern Afghanistan Kills Civilians


Saaz Wali Shinwari, District Governor within the province of Nangarhar, Afghanistan stated that U.S. troops initiated a raid, which unfortunately, killed civilians; including children.  The incident took place this past Thursday, in which a civilian vehicle was struck when the airstrike occurred.  Apparently, a family of 11, perished on site, and were unrecognizable due to the severity of the explosion.  Nato has yet to comment in regards to the specificity of the situation.  According to reports, there is constant, U.S. airstrikes which have been prevalent near the province of Nangarhar due to the number of Islamic state insurgents residing and dominating the region.  There is confirmation that “five insurgents were killed, and two wounded.”

Source: MSN news

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