Air Force F-16 Falcon Crashed in Arizona



Air Force F-16 Falcon Crashed in Arizona


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


According to MSN, an Air Force F-16 Falcon recently crashed landed into a fence, at 3 pm. in Arizona today.   There is a U.S. Air Force training facility located within the airport in Tucson.  A current investigation is underway in order to determine the factors, and also attain more information regarding the pilot’s “status.”  Thus, the identify of the victims have not been released to the media.  MSN verifies that the pilot is male, yet other details have not been divulged because he may be an international ally, and the time zone varies.  The Air National Guard stated that “the 162nd Wing is a training group.”  Therefore, as a result, these particular trainers provide a wealth of aviation training to the pilot candidates deriving from the U.S. ; including our “international allies.”  Apparently, there are no reported injuries of civilians; however, there are 2 deceased victims confirmed.  Investigators are conducting a thorough analysis of the bodies recovered from the fiery crash.


Source: MSN

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