Another Drag Queen Story Time for Kids Pops Up in Indianapolis


Why Does This Keep Happening!?

If there’s one thing kids should be learning at a young age, it’s how to be a drag queen. Okay, I lied. That’s probably the last thing that the children of America need to be learning.

Well, exactly what is happening in the nation’s heartland. In Indianapolis, Indiana, the public library is hosting Drag Queen Story Time as reported by Fox 59 out of Indianapolis. The group, Indy Bag Ladies, is running the event. They are an Indianapolis based drag queen group. The story time is super hero themed and patrons are encouraged to dress up as their favorite super hero. This is not the only time this happened recently. Borderland Alternative Media’s very own Joe Biggs just wrote about this happening in Orlando in May. Read more about that story here.

Drag Queen Story Times Have to Stop

First off, why are tax payer funds (through the public library) being allocated to functions that would be offensive to many? Would a Christian organization get the same treatment for a Bible Story Time? I can guarantee you that would never happen. It’s a common double standard of the left: If you don’t accept what they support then you are a bigot, but if you expect them to accept what you support then you are evil and they object on a ‘moral’ basis.

Additionally, the Left continues their all out assault on the minds of our youth. The children targeted by this story time are still being molded by what is pumped into their minds. It is irresponsible to fill their minds with questions regarding their sexuality. By tying the Drag Queen image to that of the ‘super hero,’ they are trying to give a subconscious connection between the two. Children would naturally develop an affinity for that lifestyle simply by it being celebrated and tied to something they enjoy (story time at the library). The Left wants you to believe that it is simply a fun time for kids, but don’t be mislead, this is all about indoctrination of our children.

Our biggest responsibility is to protect those that are the most vulnerable, our children.

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