Veteran Challenges Piers Morgan to a Gun Control Debate.


It was a terrible tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas last week.  The death toll of 58 (still climbing) and more than 500 wounded. It was deemed one of the largest mass shootings on American soil in the country’s history. As soon as it happened the left automatically (without consideration) blamed guns and made it political crying for more gun control.

Piers Morgan, a journalist I respect, is one of the many in the media who keep pushing for gun control right in the aftermath. Now, the reason I am addressing Piers directly is that he is a good journalist and has the ability to think logically unlike the ignorant celebrities in Hollywood. There are plenty of cases that show gun control is dangerous and should not happen. It amazes me how people who are quick to enforce gun control, forget history for example in what happened in Nazi, Germany. Adolf Hitler’s infamous quote of “to conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”

I challenge you, Piers Morgan.

I, an American political writer and Army veteran, who lives in Jerusalem, Israel, would like to take this opportunity to challenge you Piers Morgan in a debate or discussion on your show in regards to gun control and what the 2nd Amendment. The gun control debate needs to stop, and we need to start blaming the people who commit these crimes. The 2nd Amendment is there to protect the right of law-abiding American citizens to be able to defend themselves. Criminals and terrorists will break the laws as they have in the past to achieve their goal of terror.  This issue of gun control has caused a major divide in the United States instead of bringing a country together. You using your unchallenged platform is not helping the situation.

With all of that, again let’s discuss or debate gun control. I know you mean well and care about the people, but degrading our rights will do more harm than good. I hope to hear from you.

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