Gun Control Is Not The Answer, but Liberal Hatred is the Problem.


A tragedy struck in the heart of Texas when a sick individual invaded a church, a peaceful place of worship and unloaded bullets leaving 27 dead and 24 injured. It was one of the worst shootings in Texas history. As soon as this horrific tragedy happened, the left took no time in demanding gun control. It is not because they are heartless and cruel or because they do not care about the victims and their families. They, just, want more government control on American law abiding citizens.
I will never understand why the left continues to blame organizations like the NRA that are there to make sure citizens are able to exercise their second amendment right, or why they blame Republicans or even the President? They blame everyone except the shooter. The left seems to hate conservatives more than criminals. They show their vile attitude towards conservatives and President Trump. They blame gun laws,  yet it’s the left that has no problem supporting violence on Trump supporters. The left, also, has no problem with plays or videos of President Trump being assassinated.
The left condemns conservatives for pointing out facts about Islam, saying we are racist (even though Islam is not a race), and Islamophobic and other belittling words when in fact this ideology is hateful. Pointing out this source when a terror attack happens is valid because it’s the ideology that incites people to commit terror attacks. In other words, there is a motive, a purpose, a reason to murder. Of course, the terrorist is responsible, but so is this ideology. The same goes for the shooting in Texas. The shooter is responsible, but the hatred from the left is also responsible. Hollywood, the Music industry, Antifa and other liberal organizations who support the “resistance” are partly responsible because of their hatred towards President Trump and conservatives, using violent incitement.
Conservatives in office need to be more vocal in educating the public as to why we have the 2nd amendment, why there are gun rights and why gun control is a bad thing.  Law abiding citizens should not be punished. The rights protect the citizens so they can defend themselves. A perfect example is the recent shooting in the Church in Texas. It was a civilian who stopped the shooter with a gun. In a strange way, it almost seems like the left is trying to set America up to be like, and I will put it bluntly,  Nazi, Germany. However, it is the left who are acting like the Nazis.

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  1. Robert Berger

    November 6, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    This is beyond idiotic ! To blame the tragic mass shooting in Texas on “liberal hate ” (whatever that is ) is beyond ludicrous . Gun control is NOT “gun confiscation “. There is nothing in the second amendment which says the government may not make sensible laws regulating guns for safety . This would not cause any peaceful, law-abidingU.S. citizen to lose guns to confiscation .
    Gin control laws would not prevent all gun violence,e but they COULD reduce them considerably if the greedy gun companies and the criminal NRA did not block them relentlessly . They are more interested in profits from guns than protecting innocent Americans from seamless gun violence . And they have the entire republican party in their pay ! This is an outrage and must not be allowed to continue ! The GOP and the nRA have blood on their hands !

  2. Tim Turner

    November 6, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    No Gun Control. The Constitution and our Civil Liberties are not for your taking or control or restriction by the Government. Why would we give up any guns or submit to gun control from the same Leftist Pigs that are hunting us down and killing us. The Texas Shooter, the Shooter at the Congressional baseball practice, the Las Vegas Shooter, all Liberals. Democrats want uncontrolled mass immigration including Terrorist. No Way. Your nuts.

  3. Cynthia MacBain

    November 7, 2017 at 9:11 am

    When I read the words of “Christian” pastors who use horrific tragedies like this in Texas to proselytize about bringing “god” back into government and into the schools, I am disgusted. Why isn’t the person interviewing them immediately ask an important question: “How do you as a believer in Jesus the Christ interpret the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew, that read ‘Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword’?

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