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Trump Heading To Texas After Deadly Hurricane


Trump Heading To Texas After Deadly Hurricane

President Trump is headed to Texas Tuesday after Hurricane Harvey ripped through the Texas Gulf Coast killing two people. The President is showing real leadership by stepping up, and showing Texans that he cares about them. Can’t say that much about former President Barack Obama who would take his sweet ass time to get anywhere if he were off the Golf Course.

As someone who lives in the greatest state on earth, I faced Hurricane Harvey head on in the wee hours of Sunday Morning. We lost power, and trees were uprooted all around me. The rain has yet to stop, but for the most part, everyone is okay.

I want to thank President Trump ahead of time for being such a great leader. I thought it was pretty disgusting that before Trump made it public, CNN’S Jim Acosta woke up firing off tweets to Trump asking him what is he going to do to help keep Texans safe. Trump Heading To Texas Little did Jim know, President Trump was two steps ahead of him already contacting Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and letting him know that whatever resources were needed from Fema, and the Federal Government was there. I’m sure Acosta felt like a dumbass, but under no circumstance will apologize.

Acosta is no friend to the President, and in recent days has fired off more hate filled tweets at the President.

The Daily Caller Reports:

President Donald Trump will travel to Texas Tuesday as the parts of the state face historic flooding due to Hurricane Harvey.

“We are coordinating logistics with state and local officials, and once details are finalized, we will let you know. We continue to keep all of those affected in our thoughts and prayers,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sunday.

Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of Texas on Friday as a Category 4 hurricane. The storm has lead to at least three deaths and is expected to cause catastrophic flooding in Houston. More than 25 inches of rain has already fallen in parts of Houston and the now tropical storm is expected to continue to drop rain on the city for the next few days.

President Trump signed a disaster declaration on Friday as the hurricane was making landfall and has since held multiple meetings with cabinet officials about the storm response.

Make no mistake. We Texans can take care of ourselves. It’s just nice knowing we have a POTUS that’s willing to put aside time to check in on us, and make sure we’re good. God bless you President Trump.


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