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Nurse is Arrested for “Doing her job”




Nurse is Arrested for “Doing her job”


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


A nurse working at University of Utah Hospital was arrested for “doing her job.”  Alex Wubbels was on duty, working within the burn unit at the hospital when a patient was transported from a recent deadly crash.  Detective Jeff Payne and Alex Wubbels crossed paths, as the detective mandated that the nurse allow him to draw a blood sample from the comatose, and burned patient.  However, Alex denied the detective’s orders indicating that by policy, a patient’s inability to sign a consent form causes restrictions for procedures; such as, a blood sample collection.

The detective who also happens to be a phlebotomist, was furious and indicated that the nurse was obstructing from the investigation.  Detective Payne didn’t have a warrant, and by “constitutional law” the patient’s rights was protected since he was in a coma.  Payne was adamant about collecting the blood sample in order to identify whether the suspected patient was under any “illicit drugs,” during the crash.  However, the nurse stood her ground, and professionally refused to oblige the detective’s demands.  As a result, the nurse was placed under arrest, and handcuffed while she pleaded, hysterically, ” help! you’re assaulting me!”  The hospital became a dramatic scene, and the body camera on the detective captured the unfortunate incident.  Eventually, while sitting in the police car, Alex Wubbels was finally released from the vehicle, and set free.  Alex Wubbel’s  traumatic event led her to consider seeking a “civil discourse.”




MSN, Salt Lake City Police Department

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