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Horizon City “Kindness Day” in Honor of Salutatorian who Drowned



Horizon City Kindness Day in Honor of Salutatorian who Drowned


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

Horizon City, TX has been honoring Misael Hernandez in a community wide effort, known as, “Kindness Day.”  Misael’s birthday was August 19th; therefore, acts of kindness are exhibited in his memory within the small town near El Paso.  Misael was a Salutatorian, who drowned 3 years ago, upon graduating from high school, several days later.  Hernandez tragically drowned during a church function, and his family has since then coordinated this event in order to unite the community, and promote a mass, humanitarian effort.  This young man’s life was taken away immensely soon; however, the family’s goal is to instill a legacy within his hometown, which was reflective of Misael’s pious character.  He will forever live in the hearts of those he graced with his presence, and evidently on “Kindness Day” in Horizon, City.


Source: Channel 9 news, KFOX

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