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Gym Owner refuses Memberships for Police Officers and Military


Gym Owner refuses Memberships for Police Officers and Military




Gym Owner Refuses Memberships for Police Officers and Military

An Atlanta gym owner is adamant about prohibiting memberships from Police officers, and Military. He states that his clients do not feel comfortable with law enforcement working out, alongside them at the gym. Therefore, as a result, Jim Chambers, owner of EAV Barbell Club does not allow police, or any aspect of military personnel into his gym. According to News Channel 7, Jim’s biographical info on social media indicates that he is typically in a “psychedelic trance, fights police officers and writes things.” Jim embraces “meatheads” at his gym, and expresses his left-wing political views with pride at his establishment.








The Blaze Reports

An Atlanta-area gym owner created controversy over his policy barring law enforcement officers and active-duty military members from using his facility.

Jim Chambers, owner of the EAV Barbell Club in East Atlanta, recently posted a sign at his gym outlining several rules, one of which angered a passerby, who happened to be a military veteran.

“Do whatever the f*** you want, correctly, except crossfit cultism. No f***ing cops,” the sign read, according to WXIA-TV.

Chambers, a lifelong political activist, explained to WXIA that he has maintained a “no cop” policy since opening and has no plans to change it. He said he enacted the rule because the majority of his members are minorities who feel uncomfortable around police officers and military members.


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