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Crazed Man Points Gun at Female Driver


Crazed Man Points Gun at Female Driver


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

Road Rage was taken to another level when Joseph Sida aimed his gun at another driver on the I-35 East, in Lancaster, TX.  Victoria Best stated that Sida may have been infuriated, and possibly felt as though she may have been tailgating him, and as a result, he purposely kept slamming on his brakes in order to cause an accident. Victoria moved out of harm’s way, or so she assumed when she switched lanes, and noticed that Sida was pointing the gun at her.  Victoria promptly began recording Sida with her cell phone. She stated that she feared her life, and was distraught due to the incident, and the demonic look Sida had when he threatened her with his weapon. Sida was arrested and booked under a $1,000 bond. Authorities interrogated Sida, and asked him regarding the hostile situation, and he had indicated that he believed that Victoria Best’s cell phone was a weapon, and he reacted in “self defense.” The video has since gone viral on Facebook.

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