The Slain Tejano Singer, Selena’s Brother Arrested



The Slain Tejano singer, Selena’s Brother Arrested


Elizabeth Zamarripa


The slain Tejano singer, Selena’s brother, A.B. Quintanilla, from the popular band, Kumbia Kings was recently arrested for missed child support payment charges.  Quintanilla’s former girlfriend, Summer Clary sued the singer for lack of child support.  Quintanilla appeared in court and was arrested on the spot, today.   Quintanilla had recently been on the top ten, Most Wanted list within the Nueces County, according to the Sheriff’s Department.  Quintanilla was late on child support payments, and failed to appear in court when summoned.  Therefore, as a result, Quintanilla was escorted out of court by the deputy without handcuffs, and taken to straight to jail.  A.B. Quintanilla has agreed to pay an estimated $130,000; including an additional $87,000 in “retroactive payments” to his son’s mother.  Evidently, Summer Clary appeared to be quite content, grinning immensely in court due to the result of today’s court situation.


Source: Latin Times

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